An Other Actor

Dear [ casting / creative team / cast mate / colleague ],

We’ve gotta talk.


An Other Actor

Sincerely An Other Actor is a public art project, an awareness initiative, and a way for actors from underrepresented groups to anonymously say everything that our industry needs to hear in order to make representation on stage and screen better.


Tell us all the things you wish you could say in the audition room, rehearsal room, dressing room, on set, etc.

We'll hear you.


Tell us all the craziest stories from the audition room, rehearsal room, dressing room, in the wings, on set, etc.

We'll listen.


Then, with the help of some friends, we'll share what you've sent us — completely anonymously, of course.

Together, we will be heard. 


Send us your Other Actor thoughts below as a voice memo or typed out. You can also send us good old fashioned snail mail. We look forward to hearing from you and making sure you are heard.

Record a voice memo here:


Type it out here:


Or mail—yes, mail—your Other Actor thoughts to us.

You may also find blank postcards addressed and ready to go scattered around if you keep an eye out in the places actors tend to linger. You’re also welcome to print one out for yourself.

Otherwise, get as creative as you like and send us anything you want at:


Park West

P.O. Box 20091

New York, NY


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