Project Am I Right

Actors for ethical representation in casting for stage and screen.


For actors from underrepresented groups,

simply showing up at an audition can be activism.

For white, cisgender, non-disabled actors,

choosing *not* to audition can be equally powerful.


Sometimes the most powerful way to be a good ally is by making an ethical choice to make space and amplify a voice different from our own.

All you have to do is to take a minute before you go to an audition, before you accept a callback, before you sign a contract, take a minute to ask yourself:

Am I Right?


What do we mean by that?

The same way you ask yourself if you’re right for a role,

ask yourself if it’s the role is right for you.

Think about how you identify yourself–whatever that means to you.

Think about how your lived experiences and your identity influence the way you can tell a story with authenticity and impact.  And then, simply be who you are with honesty.


When you make space,

you make a difference.