Am I Right… that it’s too late?

Maybe you have a role on resume that you’re reconsidering your feelings about. Maybe you have a history of playing roles from a different background from your truest authentic self. Maybe you’re just realizing that. It’s ok. It doesn’t mean you can never be an ally. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Far from it. 

You’ve already taken a huge first step by just being here and thinking about it. Thanks.

It’s never too late. Every time you choose whether or not to go to an audition, accept a callback, or sign a contract, you have a new chance to be an ally. Make today a new day to flex your awesome ally powers. 

Further Reading:

“The British actor and rapper Ed Skrein was slated to play Major Ben Daimio in the Hellboy movie reboot, a character of Japanese heritage in the original comic books. But following a backlash online, Skrein, who has no Asian blood whatsoever, withdrew from the film “so the role can be cast appropriately."Skrein is setting an example other actors should follow. I f only more people in the industry had his integrity, courage and common humanity.“


“Last night I had to do something I tell people to do all the time, but have had to do very little of myself: said no to an audition upon reading the script, and finding it whitewashed and misogynist.

I am here to tell you IT. FELT. AWFUL.

I am not an actor that gets tons of auditions. At the moment I’m unrepresented for legit, and auditions mostly come through recommendation - it’s rare that I get called in from self-submits. This was for a feature film, on a full SAG salary and would have involved travel if I had booked it (one of my favorite things in the world). But they sent me the script and it was completely incongruous with what I preach here at CastAndLoose, and what I stand for as a woman, a human, and an advocate. It was scary, and I’m going to spend all weekend probably doubting that I did the right thing. 

But we can do it. We can say no. It may not feel good and you may question yourself every step of the way but if your gut says no, say no.”


Lauren Villegas