Am I Right… to want to do more?

We sure think so! And thanks for getting on board! We’re just a small word-of-mouth project. We think the best way to help is to talk about it. Here are some ideas:

  • Request some of our super cool free mirror cards to help spread the word about our mission!

  • Next time you are approached about a part you wouldn’t feel comfortable playing, start a conversation with the casting professional or creative team. 

  • Next time a friend or colleague is pursuing a role that you’re not sure they would be the best fit for, start a conversation. 

  • Share our site within your professional and social networks. Use what we’ve written here as a tool. We’re here as a resource to hopefully make a tricky topic a little easier to think about. 

  • Reach out to us. We’re happy to talk and we’re happy to help you talk to others if you need some help finding the right way to say something. 

  • Also, consider advocating for a theater near you to produce work written for and/or by people of color, people with disabilities and transgender people. Consider advocating for non-traditional and color-conscious casting. That’s some serious ally awesomeness. 

Lauren Villegas