Am I Right… that it’s not my fault?

Yes. You’re right. It’s not your fault that a casting director called your agent or emailed you to offer you an audition or a contract–unless of course you’ve actively pursued the role. 

But simply “leaving it up to casting” isn’t fair to casting. You’re asking them to complete a very difficult task and you’re asking them to do it while blindfolded since they are legally not allowed to ask you about how you self-identify. 

So yes, you are free to put all the blame on casting and take no responsibility on yourself to fix the problems in representation on stage and screen. But if you *really* care about fixing the problem, why wouldn’t you want to help fix it?

If you hire a plumber and take away his wrench can you blame him entirely when he cannot fix a leak? Or do you need to realize that perhaps you are part of the reason he can’t do his job? How much longer will it take to fix the problem if you continue to place all the blame on him? Do you shrug and wait for him to go out and find an alternative tool? Or do you offer your personal resources to help fix the problem quicker together?

Sure you can shrug and blame casting and continue to be complicit in their bad practices. Or you can decide to help them solve the problem by choosing to stop enabling their bad practices–even though it’s not your fault.

Lauren Villegas